VeteransConnect – Virtual Job Fair for Veterans & Military Professionals

The latest addition to our extensive list of successfully executed job fairs is “veteransconnect” – an event organized as partnership across U.S Veterans Magazine, VetJobs and Professional Diversity Networking to connect US veterans with jobs to help them transition to the active workforce. With this goal set in mind, the team at vFairs planned and powered the technology to deliver a unique virtual job fair bringing together 22 of the most influential employers, in turn enabling them to find talent from a pool of qualified veterans eager to secure employment. With results that extended to more than metrics, highlights from the event included:

1) Country Wide Employer Participation

The employer network consisted of industry leaders such as Walt Disney Company, Cedars-Sinai and Xcel Energy- a proof of the diverse range of hiring companies in attendance from across the country. The ability to virtually connect with job seekers based across the United States, and advertise vacancies based in different regions, made it easy to be remain inclusive towards all job seekers in order to deliver equal benefits and opportunities. No need to travel, staff physical booths, or invest in branding was a great cultural and financial shift for all exhibitors.

Their custom branded booths remained content-rich, user-friendly, meanwhile cutting their collateral expenses to experience much more cost-effective company promotion, alongside hiring advantages.

Participating Employers
Event Lobby
Event Lobby

2) Event Reporting and Analytics

Physical events have slow reporting mechanisms, and analytics involve use of cumbersome surveys to measure results. vFairs provided the client with multiple, real-time reports to break down both exhibitor and attendee behaviors. The platform measured all activity from visitors, tab clicks, booth and hall views, so no action went unnoticed. vFairs allows capturing of all event performance based on two reporting interfaces:

– We can install our own analytics script: The full reporting capabilities of Google Analytics including traffic, unique visitors, audience demographic and device usage statistics can be made available event administrators.

– The other interface is the vFairs Backend Report: Event administrators have access to a vFairs reporting panel tracking event registrations, traffic statistics, booth visits, document and video views, job applications, chat sessions, webinar registration and participation. These reports can be exported to CSV/Excel formats for ease of exchange and distribution.

3) Maximum Engagement with Minimum Disruption

All job fairs are based around the same activity- job seekers will go around asking about vacancies, inquiring about company culture, and express interest in submitting their CVs. The virtual job fair breaks this traditional approach- the virtual booths all have clearly displayed information regarding corporate environment, objectives, and available vacancies. No repetitive exchange is needed by company representatives for every new job seeker they interact with. There is even a video vault to see promotional footages by employers showcasing their culture.

For veteransconnect, all booths had clearly mentioned chat timings during which event attendees could inquire about other details not already provided. Audio, video and textual chat capabilities are a standard feature for all events to drive communication, and a more intimate setting to still enable 2 way exchange between employers and job seekers. Moreover, company staff can choose to answer questions in a general group, or initiate one-on-one chat with a candidate of their selection to benefit from zero disruption when short listing talent.

Employer Booth
Employer Booth
Walt Disney Booth
Walt Disney Booth

4) Vacancy Popularity & Employer CV Search

To see the level of candidate interest in vacancies is easy- event hosts had the option to see opportunities posted by booths, and CVs received for them. Searches based on job title can also be done.

Also, a search resume interface mirroring event registration fields was enabled for allow employers so that they could search based on name, email ID, linkedin URL, etc. With hundreds of job seeking veterans visiting various booths and applying for positions, having this search facility (custom designed to match client’s search criteria) to directly find a CV was a much more efficient approach as compared to paper based CV collection or ineffective email exchanges.

Search Based On Position
Search Based On Position
Search Resumes
Search Resumes

With 22 employers and booth traffic averaging in 100s, veteransconnect job fair was a milestone that the vFairs team is proud of. If you have a job fair coming up and want to explore the benefits of going virtual, we would love to discuss how our technology can enhance your event success.

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